Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors
Thought Leaders Forum

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The Innovation Thought Leaders Forum, held at Calgary's Delta Airport Hotel, was designed to obtain advice on approaches to diversifying Alberta's economy through bio industrial innovation.

In advance of the forum, participants were provided with a backgrounder document intended to inform development of the final strategy; stimulate discussions around the drivers, issues and opportunities; and test or validate the merits of the strategic approaches proposed. Speakers and panellists were also provided with a Technical Agenda, which included a list of related questions for discussion at the forum.

Following the forum, a document with detailed meeting notes (i.e. What We Heard) was prepared, along with a forum report (i.e. Highlights of What We Heard).



Tuesday February 7, 2012

7:00pm Welcome Reception, McConachie Foyer

Opening Comments, Stan Blade, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Innovates BioSolutions and Bill Hunter,
BioE* Initiative Chair


Data, Information and Knowledge - Enabling Innovation, Mike Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer,
Green Analytics and Bob Morton, Chairman of Silvacom Group

8:00pm Questions of the Speaker, Moderator: Matt McCulloch, Pembina Institute
8:20pm-10:00pm Networking, "Getting to know your fellow participants"

* BioE Initiative is the informal name used to describe our process for the research, analysis and ultimately, development of a strategy to advance Alberta's bioeconomy, in particular through non-food, non-pharma bioindustrial innovation.


Wednesday February 8, 2012


Breakfast, McCall Ballroom

8:00am-10:00am Forum Session: Introducing the BioE Initiative
8:00am Introduction of BioE Initiative, Art Froehlich, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
8:10am  Introductions, Moderator: Matt McCulloch
8:30am    Alberta Context and Realities, Stan Blade, Retrospective Matt McCulloch
9:45am Questions for the speakers, Moderator: Bill Hunter
10:00am Coffee Break
10:30am- 12:00pm Forum Session:Growing Alberta's Bio-Industrial Sector
10:30am  Speaker: Bill Hunter
11:30am Discussion with forum participants, Moderator: Stan Blade
12:00pm Lunch
12:40pm Elements of a Successful Economic Diversification Strategy for Albertafrom a broad perspective, Robert Brawn,
Chair of Alberta Economic Development Authority, (AEDA)
1:00pm Question and answer period
1:15pm-3:00pm Forum Session: Innovation (Models)
1:20pm   Critical Success Factors for Innovation Systems, Marv Fritzler, Chair of Alberta Research and Innovation Authority (ARIA)
1:40pm Panel questions of speaker, Moderator: Jack Saddler, University of British Columbia
     - Panel Members: Tom Corr, Manfred Kircher, Alfredo Aguilar-Romanillos
1:50pm Panel presentations and discussion with forum participants
3:00pm Refreshment Break
3:30pm-5:00pm Forum Session: Policy (and Fiscal Instruments)
3:30pm Policy Development Process and Policies as Enablers, Bill Werry, Deputy Minister, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology
3:50pm Panel questions of speaker, Moderator: Ken Chapman, Executive Director, Oil Sands Development Group (OSDG)
   - Panel Members:  Matt Machielse, Doug Hooper, Greg Luoma
4:00pm Panel presentations and discussion with forum participants
6:00pm Reception, McConachie Foyer
6:30pm Dinner, McConachie Room
7:30pm  The New Entrepreneur, Speaker: Andrew Heintzman, President, Investeco Capital
8:15pm Question and answer period
8:30pm Networking


Thursday February 9, 2012

7:00am Breakfast, McCall Ballroom
8:00am -10:00am Forum Session: Markets / Economics (Drivers)
8:00am Alberta's Jurisdictional Advantage, Jeremy Heigh, Principle, Sift Every Thing
8:30am Panel questions of speakers, Moderator: Stephen Lougheed, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
     - Panel Members: Stephanie Clendennen, Linda Beltz, Ray Miller
8:40am Panel presentations, discussion and question and answer period
10:00am Coffee Break
10:30am- 12:00pm  Forum Session: Environment (Entrepreneurship)
10:30am Economic Diversification through Environmental Products and Services, Paul Clark, President,
VisionGain Consulting Inc.
10:50am Panel questions of speaker, Moderator: Joerg Goetsch, Manager of External Affairs, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.
   - Panel Members:  Annette Hester, James Chepyha, Kirk Andries
11:00am Panel presentations and discussion with forum participants
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Wrap-up session, round table discussion, Moderators: Matt McCulloch, Bill Hunter
3:00pm Closing Comments, Stan Blade, Bill Hunter


Innovation Thought Leaders Forum Participants/Speakers


Mike Kennedy, CEO, Green Analytics

Bob Morton, Chairman of the Board and CSO, The Silvacom Group

Robert Brawn, Chair, Alberta Economic Development Authority

Dr. Marvin J Fritzler, Chair, Alberta Research & Innovation Authority, (ARIA)

Peter Watson, DM, Executive Council, Alberta Government

Andrew Heintzman, President, Investco Capital and Green Economy Advocate

Jeremy Heigh, Principal Economist, Sift Every Thing Corp

Paul Clark, President, VisionGain Consulting Inc.



Kirk Andries, Executive Director, CCEMC

Linda Beltz, Director, Technology Partnerships, Weyerhaeuser

Ken Chapman, Executive Director, Oilsand Development Group

James Chepyha, VP for Alberta Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

Dr. Stephanie K. Clendennen, Ph.D. Biotechnology Program Leader, Eastman Chemical Company

Dr. Tom Corr, President & CEO, Ontario Centres of Excellence Inc.

Art Froehlich, Chair Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Joerg Goetsch, Manager of External Affairs, Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.

Brian Hesje, Board Member, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Annette Hester, Fellow - Senior Associate - Center for International Governance Innovation, Washington

Doug Hooper, Partner, Waterfall Group

Mike Kennedy, CEO, Green Analytics

Dr. Manfred Kircher, Chairman, CLIB2021 Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie

Lee Kruszewski, Executive Director, Alberta Research & Innovation Authority, Research & Innovation Division, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

Stephen Lougheed, Acting COO, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures

Dr. Greg Luoma, President, Luoma Tech Inc.

Matt Machielse, ADM - Economic Policy Coordination. Executive Branch AB Government

Ray Miller, Past Technology & Business Development Manager, DuPont Applied BioSciences

Dr. Alfredo Aguilar- Romanillos, Directorate General Research and Innovation, European Commission

Jack Saddler, Professor of Bioenergy, Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia


Forum Hosts/Observers/Facilitators:

Carol Bettac, Executive Director, Industry Challenges & Emerging Opportunities, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Dr. Stan Blade, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Marie Cusack, Communications Director, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Bill Hunter, Chair - BioE Initiative, Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions

Duncan Kenyon, Principal, Hilversum Sustainability Consulting

Dr. Kevin Keough, Executive Director, Alberta Prion Research Institute

Peggy LeSueur, Portfolio Specialist, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions

Matt McCulloch, Director, Consulting Services, Pembina Institute

Dr. Christine Murray, Director of Agricultural Technologies, Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions

Dr. Steve Price, Executive Director, Advancing the Bioeconomy, Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions


Last updated: Thursday, February 11, 2016