Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors

Portfolio - At a glance

An important component of AI Bio's operations is funding support for research projects that support the growth and diversification of Alberta's agriculture, forest and life sciences sectors.

In 2011, AI Bio's portfolio of 107 active investments totalled more than $56 million over the term of the projects across a wide array of research areas. The research projects spanned boreal reclamation in northwestern Alberta to nanocrystalline cellulose and livestock genomics in north central Alberta to prion and dietary fibre from peas, beans or lentils in southern Alberta. 

Summary of AI Bio projects by fiscal year:

Summary of AI Bio's Project Investments for Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Summary of AI Bio's Project Investments for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

Summary of AI Bio projects by research and innovation theme:

Listing of AI Bio projects related to nanotechnology 2005-15 (Oct 2015)


The BioLINK research project database provides free information on more than 3000 of our research projects dating back to 1978 related to agriculture, food and forestry.  Included in this database are abstracts for active projects and final reports for completed projects funded through AI Bio, Alberta Prion Research Institute and AI Bio's legacy organizations: Alberta Agricultural Research Institute, Alberta Forestry Research Institute and Alberta Life Sciences Institute.

Last updated: Monday, December 12, 2016