Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors
AI Bio Researchers and Experts

Short profiles of a few researchers and experts that support the work of AI Bio


Dr. Vic Adamowicz

Economics and Environmental Sociology

Dr. Vic Adamowicz is a professor in the department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology. He has developed methods that integrate environmental goods and services into economic analysis and policy. (Video)





 Benji Ahvazi - image

Dr. Benji Ahvazi


 Cellulose Nanocrystals

Advancing the benefits of cellulose nanocrystals.





 Judd Aiken - image

Dr. Judd Aiken


 Prions and Prion-like Neurological Disease

Leading Researcher in chronic wasting disease





 Herman Barkema

Dr. Herman Barkema





Dr. Herman Barkema is a veterinarian and researcher at the University of Calgary. He and his research team are looking into the possible role of bacteria in the development of Johne's disease. (Video)





 John Basarab

Dr. John Basarab



Dr. John Basarab grew up on a cow/calf farm in the Peace Country of Alberta so perhaps it was only natural that he would devote his career to finding solutions to the challenges of cattle producers.





 David Bressler - image

David C. Bressler

Biorefining Conservation

David Bressler earned his PhD in Microbiology and Cell Biotechnology from the University of Alberta. His research has lead him to become a leader in bio-industrial processing and bio-products.

View 2011 ASTech video here.





 Flavio Capettini - image

Dr. Flavio Capettini


 Food Innovation

International Barley Scientist sets down roots in Alberta





Dr. Lingyun Chen

Dr. Lingyun Chen

Cereal Proteins 

Dr. Chen is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta and is focused on finding high value applications of cereal proteins in food and non-food areas 





Dr. Janice Cooke

Dr. Janice Cooke 


Dr. Cooke is the Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta and an expert in genomics, helping to apply this science discover processes that could slow the mountain pine beetle and identify genetic signatures of adaptations in beetles, fungi, and trees





Stefanie Czub - image

Dr. Stefanie Czub 




A world leader in prion research and Canada's only bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) certifier authorized by the World Organization for Animal Health Reference Laboratory (OIE), Stefanie Czub has made unparalleled contributions to the Canadian cattle industry and the Canadian animal diseases research industry over her career.





 Francois Eudes - image

Dr. François Eudes


Agronomy and Plant Science 

Dr. François Eudes is working to develop a bioindustrial platform for Alberta based on the prairie-specific crop triticale.





 Dan Farr - image

Dr. Dan Farr 


Ecosystem Services 

As Director of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute's (ABMI) Application Centre, Dr. Dan Farr uses the knowledge created by the ABMI's monitoring systems to support improved ecosystem management. This is where his work connects with AI Bio: the ABMI and its collaborators enable one of the key components required for credible ecosystem markets, namely the assessment of ecosystem services.





 Michael Ganzle

Dr. Michael Gänzle


Food Biology

Originally from Germany, Dr. Michael Gänzle, professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, has been contributing to the field of food microbiology since the early 1990s. Curiosity and new discoveries have kept him passionate about his work.





 Sabine Gilch - image

Dr. Sabine Gilch 



Research and innovation are driven by talent, ideas and collaboration. The Alberta Prion Research Institute, a business line within Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, has helped to build the talent pool in Alberta since its formation in 2005.





 Tom Habib - image

Mr. Tom Habib



Passionate about wildlife and the environment since childhood, Tom Habib spends his days at a computer figuring out how to quantify their value to society. A conservation offsets expert, Habib is a research coordinator on the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute’s (ABMI) Ecosystem Services Advisory Committee, and he’s playing a lead role in the new and rapidly evolving field of ecosystem services.





Andreas Hamann - image

Dr. Andreas Hamann



Renewable Resources

Dr. Andreas Hamann is currently sharing knowledge with European researchers through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's scholarship program. He is also a Fulbright NEXUS Scholar and will be conducting research at the University of California, Berkeley.





 Jeremy Heigh - image

Jeremy Heigh



Environmental Economics


Jeremy Heigh gives decision makers the clear evidence they need to stay focused on the strengths. He says the work of AI Bio is important because it helps government understand the real opportunities companies have and the barrier or market gaps that only government can address.





 Dr. Robert Jost

 Dr. Robert Jost


Dr. Robert Jost is a Scientist at Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures. He is leading a team that is studying nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC), which is extracted from forest and agriculture materials and has potential to be used in numerous commercial products. (Video)





 David Layzell - image

 Dr. David Layzell


 Sustainable Bioeconomy

One of Canada's top researchers as well as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Dr. David Layzell is an expert on the sustainable bioeconomy and has been exploring how Alberta's forestry and agricultural systems can assist the energy sector to address environmental challenges.





 Victor Lieffers - image

 Dr. Victor Lieffers


 Renewable Resources

A professor and Chair in the department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta, Victor Lieffers got interested in forest management in what he says was a very odd way.





 Kelly Maher - image

Kelly Maher


Biorefining Conversions Network (BCN)  Kelly Maher, newly appointed Director of Program Development at the Biorefining Conversions Network
(BCN), is looking forward to building even more bridges between academics working within the BCN and industry in the quest to further advance the economy in Alberta.




 Debbie McKenzie - image

Dr. Debbie McKenzie



Prion and Prion-like Neurological Disease 


Leading researcher in chronic wasting disease





 Lynn McMullen - image

Dr. Lynn McMullen



Food Safety 


Dr. Lynn McMullen is grateful for funding agencies like AI Bio. "The funding we get for research is important for the science and industry impact, but the ability to support and mentor great students is an important component of my research program," she says. "This would not happen without support from AI Bio."





 Scott Nielsen - image

Dr. Scott Nielsen



Grizzly Bears


Dr. Scott Nielsen is interested in research that can be applied to solve conservation and stewardship challenges. An associate professor in the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta, Nielsen has spent the past 14 years working on grizzly bear conservation. He is now one of two new Alberta Biodiversity Conservation Chairs at the university, working to address biodiversity conservation in the oil sands.





Dr. Reimer

Dr. Raylene Reimer

Diet and Disease

Dr. Raylene Reimer is an Associate Professor in the Faculties of Kinesiology and Medicine (Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) at the University of Calgary. Her research team is examining the effect on obesity rates of a diet enriched in whole pea flour, pea fibre, and pea resistant starch.






Dr. Deogratias Rweyongeza


Forest Genetics 

As a young adult in Tanzania, Deogratias Rweyongeza knew his best bet for long-term employment would be a career in forestry, agriculture, or animal husbandry. So after high school, he enrolled in an undergraduate forestry program.

 Hermann Schatzl

Dr. Hermann Schätzl



Research and innovation are driven by talent, ideas and collaboration. The Alberta Prion Research Institute, a business line within Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, has helped to build the talent pool in Alberta since its formation in 2005.


Dr. Brent Selinger




Food Processing Safety 

Dr. Brent Selinger is a full Professor and Chair in the Department of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. He studies intestinal microbiology to help identify supersheadders in order to improve food processing safety. (Video)






Dr. Valerie Sim



Prions and Protein Folding Diseases


Dr. Valerie Sim is an assistant professor with the Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases at the University of Alberta and is a clinical neurologist at the University of Alberta Hospital.





Dr. Paul Stothard - image

Dr. Paul Stothard





Dr. Paul Stothard is a geneticist working to give Alberta's livestock industry a competitive edge. His research group, supported by AI Bio, has built an advanced computing facility and developed powerful software tools for interpreting DNA sequences.





 Kevin Swallow  -image

Dr. Kevin Swallow



Food Innovation 


Food scientist brings new products to market





Ted Szabo - image

Ted Szabo


 Science and Innovation

He has been described by his peers as "an institution," having high credibility with the traditional forest products sector, while being able to make people think outside the box. Ted Szabo brings 56 years of practical and academic experience in forest management and utilization to his position as Director of Forest Products Innovation at Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.






Dr. Randall Weselake

Lipid Biochemistry  

Dr. Weselake is a Professor and Tier I Canada Research Chair of Agricultural Lipid Biotechnology in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta. He is best known for his research in the seed and oil content found in canola 

View 2011 ASTech video here.





 2westaway Dr. David Westaway
Prions and Protein Folding Diseases

Dr. Westaway is the Canada Research Chair in Prion disease and extending the boundries of what is considered "prion disease"





 Dr David Wishart - image Dr. David Wishart





A professor in the Departments of Computing Science, Biological Science, and Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Alberta and the senior research officer and director of the Metabolomic Sensors program at the National Institute for Nanotechnology, Dr. Wishart is world renowned.

 Getachew Wondimagegnecee BW Dr. Getachew Assefa Wondimagegnecee
Life Cycle
Dr. Assefa is one of the world's leading experts in life cycle assessment (LCA) and holds the Athena Chair in Life Cycle Assessment at the University of Calgary

Jianping Wu

Dr. Jianping Wu

Functional Foods
and Biomaterials
Dr. Wu is the Assistant Professor of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta. Dr. Wu and his graduate students are exploring the potential use of egg proteins and spent hens.

Last updated: Friday, October 7, 2016