Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors
Did You Know Factoids

Interesting information about AI Bio and Alberta's bio sector

Did you know...

...plastic can be made from oilseeds? Researchers at the University of Alberta are turning canola and flax oil into environmentally friendly plastic products.

...a wafer that tastes like a graham cracker can detect diabetes? Developed by Alberta biotech company Ceapro Inc., the wafers provide an accurate, sensitive and consistent way to help identify the onset of adult diabetes.

...manure is being turned into usable energy in Alberta? A new pilot plant at an Alberta feedlot is transforming manure into renewable energy and fertilizers, while reducing greenhouse gases.

 ...that plastics, lubricants, cosmetics and fuels can all be made from canola seeds? Dr. Randy Weselake at the Phytola Alberta Innovates Centre is helping the province's value-added agriculture industry grow through research that uses canola as the basis for edible and industrial products. Alberta, more than 51 million acres or 20 million hectares are used for crop and livestock production.

...Alberta is home to over 130 bio-industry companies, employing more than 4,500 workers. Revenues for this growing sector is estimated to be $800 million annually.

...Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions' support is essential in helping to advance knowledge and acceptance of modular off-site building construction practices. Because AI Bio also has strong connections to the primary wood-product manufacturing industry, it is playing an important role in helping to align research in building construction with research related to the forest sector. Dr. Al-Hussein, Hole School of Construction Engineering, Modular Off-site Construction Challenges Forest Industry to Rethink Materials Supply. February 2015.

..."When AI Bio stepped forward, it came in to help bridge our financing. They played a significant role because that support was big enough to tip the scales forward for a number of investors and other funding agencies." Denis Taschuk, Radient Technologies, Lucrative extract market opens for forest industry with AI Bio support for Radient Technologies. August 2014.

Last updated: Friday, January 15, 2016