Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors
Platform Technologies


This technology manipulates matter at a molecular or nano scale. It is being used in Alberta to make advances in life sciences, medicine, energy production and other applications. The nanotechnology sector is growing in both research and production. Despite the global economy, companies are investing in Alberta and the province has the potential to make significant gains in the sector.

Synthetic Biology

This emerging sector is the engineering of biological components and systems that are not found in nature.  Alberta is currently researching this innovative sector for the possible benefits it could have on industries.


Research concerned with the profiling of small molecule metabolites in biological systems, using them to detect changes in cell behaviour and organ function. In Canada there is concentration on using metabolomics to revolutionize medical diagnostic testing, shortening diagnosis time and reducing testing costs. Canada intends to become a leader in the development and deployment of databases, metabolic profiling equipment, and software.  


Revolves around the study of the organisms of the genomes. Genomics has become a central component of the life sciences sector of Alberta. The scientific exploration in genomics has potential medical, social, economic and environmental benefits that will impact all Albertans.

June 2013 - "Getting in the kNOw in GeNOmics!" (Source: Livestock Gentec)
Livestock Gentec and its partners offer up a fun, informative video to get livestock producers interested in applying genomics to agriculture. Through a blend of video and animation of whiteboard sketches, viewers learn about the benefits of breed selection using the science of genomics and how genomic testing is done.  Livestock Gentec is an Alberta Innovates Centre and is funded, in part, by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.

Last updated: Friday, January 15, 2016