Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors
Infrastructure Profiles

A few of the bricks and mortar R&D facilities and equipment available to researchers and companies

AgTech Centre


Agricultural Technology Centre  
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
The Agricultural Technology Centre specializes in applied and scientific research, agricultural machinery evalutions and technology.


 Biomaterials Development Centre


Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre 
Location: Vegreville, Alberta 
May 2011. Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre in action at its Vegreville facility.
The Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre helps industry create new products from wood, agricultural fibre and other bio-based feedstock.


Food Processing


High-Pressure Processing Unit 
Location: Leduc, Alberta
High-Pressure Processing Unit poised to help small- and medium-sized companies develop and commercialize innovative food products.

Last updated: Thursday, February 11, 2016