Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio)
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Growing prosperity in Alberta's agriculture, food and forestry sectors

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See below for research reports, papers and other selected documents of relevance to Alberta's bio sector.


AI BIO -  BioLINK Project Database

Bio Link

 2002 - Current


Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions 


BioLINK database
The searchable research project database offers access to abstracts and final reports for more than 3000 research projects funded through AI Bio or Alberta Prion Research Institute (APRI) or the legacy organizations: Alberta Agricultural Research Institute (AARI), Alberta Forestry Research Institute (AFRI) and Alberta Life Sciences Institute (ALSI).


AI BIO Reports

Alberta Innovates Food Innovation Plan 2014-17-image April 2014

Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions

Alberta Innovates Food Innovation Plan 2014-17
Developed by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, the Alberta Innovates Food Innovation Plan 2014-17 is a guide to focus Alberta Innovates future food and beverage research and innovation investments.


 CBC Alberta Unbound Oct 2013 - thumbnail October 2013

Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions

Alberta Unbound: Research and Innovation Opportunities in Alberta's Food Sector
Commissioned by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions to help guide its business activities in food innovation, the Conference Board of Canada has conducted a comprehensive assessment of Alberta's food innovation potential. The report outlines food innovation and industry trends, their alignment to domestic and global market opportunities, and provides advice on implementing strategies and addressing challenges.

2013-Alberta's Agriculture Advantage-thumbnail June 2013

Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions

Alberta's Agriculture Advantage: An Evidence-Based Guide to the Sector's Strengths and Innovation Options
This report, prepared by the company Sift Every Thing for Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, builds on its previous two reports.  This report summarizes findings from a jurisdictional advantage assessment of Alberta's key agricultural strengths and options to leverage these strengths.

 2013-Alberta's Systemic Competitiveness-thumbnail June 2013 Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions 

Alberta's Systemic Competitiveness: Analyzing the Impact on Value Chains and Related Bioindustrial Options
This report, prepared by the company Sift Every Thing for Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, fleshes out its previous report "Bioindustrial Options for Alberta." The report provides a deeper understanding of Alberta's best bioindustrial options and government's role.

 BioE report May 2013-thumbnail


May 2013 Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions Recommendations to Build Alberta's Bioeconomy (aka BioE Report)
In collaboration with stakeholders in government, academia and industry, AI Bio led the development of 12 recommendations to advance Alberta's bioeconomy, focusing on the non-food, non-pharma bioindustrial sector, which will help to inform investments and alignment of resources in those areas of the bioeconomy with the highest potential. 
 2012-May-Bioindustrial-Options-thumbnail May 2012  Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions 

Bioindustrial Options for Alberta.
This report, prepared by the company Sift Every Thing for Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, provides clear evidence for a bioindustrial investment approach for Alberta, based on a conservative jurisdictional advantage assessment. The principle idea is to find core engines in the economy (areas that drive growth and sustain the province over the long term) that incubate diversification opportunities.


Building The Bioeconomy -Image



Alberta Innovates
Bio Solutions


Dr. Stan Blade's paper "Building the Bioeconomy: Alberta Invests in the Future" 
Presented to the 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Berlin, Germany. 
 2009 Food and health Centres-image


Alberta Life
Science Institute 

Food and Health Research and Innovation Centres Across Canada

The document is a snapshot of Canada's assets in food and health research and innovation. The various provinces across Canada are home to a wide array of food and health focused organizations (e.g.  research, development and testing facilities, funding organizations, networks, and businesses), which address a plethora of food and health related objectives.


Making The Foodhealthconnection -Image



Alberta Life
Science Institute 

Making the Food-Health Connection, An Alberta Framework for Innovation.
Full Report 2008   |  Report Summary Fact Sheet 2008 

The framework is an overarching strategy document that aims to help Albertans become healthier, and for Alberta companies to participate in the global marketplace for healthy food products.

2008 Alberta Bio Development-Image


Alberta Agricultural Research Institute

Alberta - An Environment Primed for Bio Development

Bioproducts Team Alberta, a collaboration among Alberta Agricultural Research Institute (AARI), Alberta Forestry Research Institute (AFRI), Alberta Life Sciences Institute (ALSI), provincial government ministries, and the private sector, is making a concerted effort to market Alberta's bioeconomy potential to the world.


2007 fibre roadmap-image



Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

Getting Value from Every Fibre 

A report to inspire action and conversation surrounding the development of Alberta's bioeconomy.

 2007 afh thinktank-image


Alberta Life Sciences Institute

Alberta International Food and Health Think Tank Toward the Integration of Food and Health in Alberta

The Alberta International Food and Health Think Tank, held in Banff, Canada from April 18 to 20, 2007, was a unique opportunity for collaborative stakeholder discussions in the food and health sectors. It provided a venue to help fuel the move toward a more unified food and health approach in Alberta.


 2006 ASRA Water Research Strategy-image



Alberta Science and Research Authority

 ASRA Water Research Strategy

This document was intended to provide a strategy to acuire the knowledge and research needed to support implementation of the Water for Life provincial strategy.



2015 USDA Bioproducts Economics - image 2015  USDA

An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry A Report to the Congress of the United States of America
Commissioned by the USDA BioPreferred® Program, the consultant, Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc, examined and quantified the effects of the U.S. biobased products industry from economics and jobs perspectives.

 2014-GOA-Small Business Strategy-image 2014 Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education

Small Business Strategy
This document outlines the Alberta government's small business strategy, four actions and steps for moving ahead.

 2014-GOA-EcDev Framework-image 2014 Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education

Economic Development Framework
This document outlines the Alberta government's four economic development priorities, shared responsibilities, steps moving forward, and steps monitoring success.


Bioeconomy Policy Review 2014 - image 2014 Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Review of Policies and Programs Supporting the Bioeconomy

This useful document compiles key policies and programs in Canada (federal, Ontario, Quebec, B.C. and N.W.T.), and in other jurisdictions around the world, which support the forest bioeconomy. Some of the programs are also applicable to agriculture and other renewable feedstocks.


 The potential for energy efficiency 2014 Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions

The Potential for Energy Efficiency Improvements and Greenhouse Gas Emmision Reductions in Small & Medium Forestry Enterprises in Alberta.

This study identifies energy efficiency opportunities in the forestry sector as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the load on the province's energy grid, and reduce energy costs. AIberta Innovates Bio Solutions provided review and advisory services in development of this report.


2013 Hatch study on BGTL facility feasibility-image 2013  Hatch Ltd.

Alberta Biomass and Gas to Liquids (BGTL) Scoping Study

This preliminary study released on December 9, 2013 shows that the BGTL (biomass and gas-to-liquids) facility for production of synthetic fuels from abundant biomass and natural gas sources in Alberta can be economically feasible, particularly through enforcing a higher CO2 offset price by the government of Alberta. As climate change and GHG emission reduction policies become more stringent, economics for the BGTL facility will become increasingly attractive. This study was commissioned by Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.

 Alberta Wetlands Policy - icon 2013 Alberta Wetland Policy

Alberta Wetland Policy
The Alberta Wetland Policy provides the strategic direction and tools required to make informed management decisions in the long-term interest of Albertans.



AB International Strategy thumbnail 2013 Alberta's International Strategy 2013

Building Markets
In the wake of a constantly changing world economy and shifting geopolitical dynamics, Albertans gave our govnerment a mandate to position Alberta front and centre in the global marketplace



Profitable Farms And Woodlands 2012 United States Department of Agriculture

Profitable Farms and Woodlands: A Practical Guide to Agroforestry for Landowners, Farmers and Ranchers (News Release)
This guide in Agroforestry was developed by a team of agroforestry specialists from the 1890 and 1862 Land Grant Universities and the USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC).

 2012 US National Bioeconomy Blueprint-image 2012 The White House, Washington National Bioeconomy Blueprint
The National Bioeconomy Blueprint describes five strategic objectives for a bioeconomy with the potential to generate economic growth and address societal needs.
2012-Looking at Canada-image 2012 Institute for Science, Society and Policy

Looking at Innovation from a Uniquely Canadian perspective
The Case for a New Alliance of Practice, Policy and Scholarship by Richard Hawkins, PhD

Through a critical examination of past and present practice, and of emerging new ideas about the function and dynamics of innovation in a globalized economy, the paper explores several important questions about innovation in Canada and about the evolving role of public policy in Canada's innovation system.

 2012-Jan-McKinsey-thumbnail 2012 McKinsey Global Institute

Mobilizing for a resource revolution
January 2012 McKinsey Quarterly 

Live well be well - icon 2012 The Provice of New Brunswick Live well, be well: New Brunswick's Wellness Strategy 2009-13
Forest Products Roadmap - Icon



Alberta forest companies / Alberta Sustainable Resource Development 

Forest Products Roadmap

Report | Brochure

Despite challenges, opportunities exist for Alberta to remain a leader in the development and production of innovative forest products and 'green' renewable energy. To seize those opportunities, this roadmap outlines strategies for Alberta's forest sector in collaboration with the Alberta government. Read more

Achieving Food Security In The Face Of Climate Change - Icon



Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change 


Achieving food security in the face of climate change

This is the final report from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change.

Towards A More Innovative Future - Icon



 Canada's Public Policy Forum

Towards a More Innovative Future: Insights from Canada's Natural Resources Sector 

"In order to obtain insights into best practices and barriers to innovation in Canada's natural resources sector, Canada's Public Policy Forum convened leaders from all sectors at a national conference in Calgary October 2010, and in roundtable discussions in six communities between June and November 2011."




International Energy Agency

Technology Roadmap Biofuels for Transport 
This roadmap will identify technology goals and key actions stakeholders must undertake in order to expand biofuel production and use in a sustainable way.  


 Canadian Agricultureand Food



The Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Canadian Agriculture and Food: a Growing Hunger for Change  

This paper argues that the path for Canada to become a global food superpower lies in the hands of Canadians and their governments.





 Alberta Chamber of Resources


Resource Development and the Economy      
This report outlines challenges facing the resource sectors, providing recommendations to help industry and governments.


Deloitte Productivity




The Future of Productivity

An eight-step game plan for Canada.

Innovation Canada - A Call To Action



 Innovation Canada:
A Call to Action

Innovation Canada: A Call to Action

A review of Federal Support to Research and Development.  



canada's Agri-Food Destination Image


 The Canadian
Agri-Food Policy

Canada's Agri-Food Destination  

A report illustrating Canada's potential in the Agriculture and Food industries.





 Future of food and Farming Image


The Government Office for Science

The Future of Food and Farming 2011    

A report illustrating the challenges and choices related to global sustainability.


Highlights Of The Alberta Economy 2011




of Alberta




Highlights of the Alberta Economy 2011

A report highlighting elements of Alberta's Economy over 2011.




Reporton Competitiveness Alberta 2010-Image



Report on Competitiveness, Alberta 2010 
The report measures current competitiveness by benchmarking our performance against similar jurisdictions.  






Last updated: Thursday, February 11, 2016